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Things to do in the Royal National Park

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The Royal National Park is the second largest park in the world with endless possibilities for family fun. There is so much to see and to do that we made a top 3 of our favorite activities to give you a helping hand in planning your trip to the Royal National Park.


The walking tracks of the Royal National Park
It doesn’t matter whether you climb mountains or just like to walk for a couple of minutes, there is a walking track that will suit  you! The Royal National Park has 11 different routes that you can take.  They all vary in distance, difficulty and the time it takes to walk. Note that if you enjoy the scenery (which you should), the suggested time is not reliable anymore.

We like to take bush walks to Wattamolla.  It’s a fun and easy walk to do. The path we take will show you a variety of trees, native plants and flowers that are home to a range of birdlife. So get your camera ready!

If you’re looking for a memorable guided walk with fun facts and unique sights, check out our private Eco-tour to the ‘’Royal’

Paddling up Kangaroo Creek

If you love the water, go paddling! You can bring your own canoe or hire one from the Audley boat shed and head upstream to amazing spots up Kangaroo Creek and Hacking River. You can paddle ad your own pace and relax while you boat through breathtaking environments. When you want to go for a swim, just jump in the water at one of the sights up Kangaroo Creek.


If you want to see the Royal National Park from a different perspective, join us on our moonwalk. After a candlelit dinner, as the sun sets and the full moon rises over Wattamolla lagoon, you can join in on adventure of a lifetime. Get your glow sticks on and get back to nature, where you will learn all of the Royal National Parks natural wonders, and become a first class night photographer.

After the Moonwalk we will arrive at Wattamolla where we set up on the sand overlooking Providential Cove. Stay up taking photos of the moon setting, or drift to sleep surrounded by the ocean air and the sound of soft waves. Book a Moonwalk for dreamlike memories that will be with you for a lifetime!

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  • Andy was awesome! The food was tasty, the crew were fun and the whole experience was fantastic. I will do this again the next time I am in Sydney. Wonderful time!

    - Sophia A

  • We had the most amazing time with UDU in the Royal National Park, thank you to Andy, Lex, Dee, Dave, Ken, ‘Dad’ and Ann. Everything was so well organised and such good fun. The food was delicious…


    - Laila - Ireland

  • Guides are very friendly and humorous, lunch was provided, BBQ, they make some decent BBQs. If you are going to somewhere famous but unfamiliar, just go with UDU!!

    - PtPlatinum

  • This was the last day of my Australia trip and probably the best day as well. Andy is nice, cute and handsome. (my family all agree that) Throughout the whole trip, we had lots of conversation over different topics. It’s interesting to learn more about the culture, life style, etc about Australia from Andy. The extra bonus for us was Andy took many beautiful pictures for us during the trip.

    - LaiChunMan

  • Can’t recommend this highly enough. Our tour guide, Andy, was superb. Very passionate and you could tell he wanted the group to have a great day. I went on three different day trips during my time at Sydney, and this one was the funnest with the canoeing and rough waters at Garie Beach.

    - Luke E

  • Loved everything about this retreat. Andy and the rest of the guides where very lovely and knew a lot about the national park. They show you some pretty cool places and get you involved in some cool activities…

    - Jayne - Sydney

  • One of the best tour one can do in NSW, had a great time in the Royal National Park with amazing views, different activities and a nice BBQ in the middle. Andy managed the trip perfectly and we managed to avoid the rain and have good weather in every stop!! Highly recommended to all. This was my second time to the Royal National Park with UDU, and hopefully not the last 🙂

    - 7mezi

  • Incredible experience!!!I really enjoyed Garry’s insightful commentary, his historical and scientific anecdotes were very fascinating, on top of that he was funny! Mal the (cute) photographer was so patient with us…

    - Alice - Sydney

  • A great way to unwind, soak up the sun and the splendour of nature and explore the luscious beauty of the Australian bush. If you’re a city slicker, leave the concrete jungle for the real one, just for one day…


    - Fiona - Sydney

  • First experience with UDU and got my mind blown away Trip was way beyond expectation. Andy is very informative and a funny guy. Of course the group dynamics I was with were good. Everyone had fun and unanimously agreed that the canoeing part was the main highlight! And we went against the grain or in this case the rain, and did what we planned to do. All locations were covered!…

    - Makonarita

  • A really magical experience. Nothing like it, totally unique. It was very well organised and lots of fun. Loved it !!

    - Lisa - Sydney

  • Such a top night! Every entertaining evening. .the photos turned out AWEEEESOME!. 😀 go the light wars!!…

    - Deesh - Sydney

  • Brand new and exciting experience with plenty of moonlite adventures. All delivered with a frendliness and passion second to none. There was the good old fashioned story telling, plenty of good food, and…


    - Warren - Sydney