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Title : Lead Educational Guide

Description: Garry has had a wide ranging experience of life, with strong and extensive academic qualifications as well as a national leader in adventure and outdoor education and also as a high school teacher, a university researcher, a ships Master, a management consultant , and Chief Executive Officer of national organisations. He has travelled very extensively and operated businesses in Australia and overseas and was recognised in the 1990 Queens Honours list by an award in the Order of Australia for services to youth and the community. He has a passion for knowing about things and actively engaging in. He is an easy going, friendly, positive personality who gets on with everyone well and enjoys being with people.
Garry’s wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm means that you always get interesting answers, even to the most detailed of questions.

Interests, favourite bits:

Built and operated the biggest outdoor education and adventure organisation in the world for 23 years and interested in all outdoor activities and adventures including travelling throughout the world understanding other peoples and cultures.

Favourite guiding experience:

I took a small group of American young people of Korean origins on a wildlife tour. Every second that I was not giving information they filled the air with constant deep questions on everything from wildlife to history to geography to politics to the origins of the universe. At the end of the day I was totally and absolutely drained. They had got their money’s worth. I was exhausted. I loved it!

Interesting fact:

I love the enigmas and oddities of life and history.
We look at the Southern Cross and admire it… it’s on our flag … but it doesn’t exist!
Australia’s greatest poet died in alcoholic poverty… and then was immediately given a state funeral!

Quote for travelling:

“There is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken on the flood, leads on to fortune…” (Shakespeare’s way of saying… “Don’t delay.. Get into it now!”)

Available for these tours:

The “Royal”: 1 day Deluxe Eco-tour
Sydney Moonwalks



Years as a Guide:

Started guiding people into the outdoors nearly 50 years ago. Adventure guiding, training groups, leading and training guides. Travelled the world nearly 30 times and familiar with most of the world and with Australia in detail.


Taught History, Geography, Language and accumulated 6 university degrees over the years in areas such as History, Literature, Geography, Politics, Education, Counselling and Psychology (PhD). Elected Member of the Australian College of Education, Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management and National Chairman of the Outdoor Recreation Council of Australia and Director of other national Organisations.

Many 1st aid and paramedical qualifications over many years. Qualified ships Master. Held all licences for Heavy rigid trucks and buses for decades and Driver’s Authority for tour operations.


Born Sydney, as the direct descendent of the first free settler in Australia.

Months available:

January, February, March, April, May June, July, August, September, October, November, December

Days available:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday


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  • Andy was awesome! The food was tasty, the crew were fun and the whole experience was fantastic. I will do this again the next time I am in Sydney. Wonderful time!

    - Sophia A

  • We had the most amazing time with UDU in the Royal National Park, thank you to Andy, Lex, Dee, Dave, Ken, ‘Dad’ and Ann. Everything was so well organised and such good fun. The food was delicious…


    - Laila - Ireland

  • Guides are very friendly and humorous, lunch was provided, BBQ, they make some decent BBQs. If you are going to somewhere famous but unfamiliar, just go with UDU!!

    - PtPlatinum

  • This was the last day of my Australia trip and probably the best day as well. Andy is nice, cute and handsome. (my family all agree that) Throughout the whole trip, we had lots of conversation over different topics. It’s interesting to learn more about the culture, life style, etc about Australia from Andy. The extra bonus for us was Andy took many beautiful pictures for us during the trip.

    - LaiChunMan

  • Can’t recommend this highly enough. Our tour guide, Andy, was superb. Very passionate and you could tell he wanted the group to have a great day. I went on three different day trips during my time at Sydney, and this one was the funnest with the canoeing and rough waters at Garie Beach.

    - Luke E

  • Loved everything about this retreat. Andy and the rest of the guides where very lovely and knew a lot about the national park. They show you some pretty cool places and get you involved in some cool activities…

    - Jayne - Sydney

  • One of the best tour one can do in NSW, had a great time in the Royal National Park with amazing views, different activities and a nice BBQ in the middle. Andy managed the trip perfectly and we managed to avoid the rain and have good weather in every stop!! Highly recommended to all. This was my second time to the Royal National Park with UDU, and hopefully not the last 🙂

    - 7mezi

  • Incredible experience!!!I really enjoyed Garry’s insightful commentary, his historical and scientific anecdotes were very fascinating, on top of that he was funny! Mal the (cute) photographer was so patient with us…

    - Alice - Sydney

  • A great way to unwind, soak up the sun and the splendour of nature and explore the luscious beauty of the Australian bush. If you’re a city slicker, leave the concrete jungle for the real one, just for one day…


    - Fiona - Sydney

  • First experience with UDU and got my mind blown away Trip was way beyond expectation. Andy is very informative and a funny guy. Of course the group dynamics I was with were good. Everyone had fun and unanimously agreed that the canoeing part was the main highlight! And we went against the grain or in this case the rain, and did what we planned to do. All locations were covered!…

    - Makonarita

  • A really magical experience. Nothing like it, totally unique. It was very well organised and lots of fun. Loved it !!

    - Lisa - Sydney

  • Such a top night! Every entertaining evening. .the photos turned out AWEEEESOME!. 😀 go the light wars!!…

    - Deesh - Sydney

  • Brand new and exciting experience with plenty of moonlite adventures. All delivered with a frendliness and passion second to none. There was the good old fashioned story telling, plenty of good food, and…


    - Warren - Sydney