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discovery bushwalks As great as Sydney is, there's no denying the magic that can be found if you travel to natures hidden gems. UDU's Discovery Bushwalk, is much more than a peaceful eco-walk through bush & rainforest, its a chance to learn about Aboriginal culture, European history, plants & their uses, wildlife& geology. This is how Understand Down Under started its day tours, & in many ways its what it still does best. No other tour departing Sydney visits these natural wonders, which means we have them all to ourselves. Depending on the day & the group, there are a range of different walks. If you want a tour that is only bushwalking, then you'd love UDU's original eco tour the 1 day Royal National Park Adventure Bushwalk.

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We invite you to Understand the real Down Under. UDU doesn't just take you to the best destinations; we believe it's the experience you have there that matters. Our tours are unique, but our guides make the difference. We specialise in private charter tours, by taking just your group we are able to tailor your tour. It's your holiday, so we want to ensure you have the best experience possible.

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