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UDU specialises in group experiences, Sydney Team Building, Teamwork and Team Relations, Outdoor Team Activities, Team Building Games UDU specialises in group experiences and has a background in outdoor education. We operate private to large group outdoor experiences as well as corporate team building experiences. We have a range of outdoor activities and experiences for all groups of all natures. Our team building session can indulge in luxury and personal tours through many natural locations in and around Sydney, always being involved in new and fun activities personalised to the groups' abilities. Larger groups will always have more flexible options and go to locations where relaxation, challenging hikes, and beautiful nature walks are available. Read more for details.   Our team building activities are designed specifically for business teams to have fantastic experiences to share and build teamwork skills and team relationships, through group specific activities.   To see the activities we offer:

Sydney Team Building

We liase with organisers and executives in order to pick the best range of activities to meet to goal for the teambuilding experience. Experience has allowed us to design activities to target some main staff and business concerns:  


Communication is the key to many things, and a successfull office environment and business is one of those. Our activities are designed to depend on the use of effective communication. This is often more effective than communication classes or communication theory as instead of listening your team will active participants and using the communication techniques. By completing tasks that are dependant upon communication your teams will have to work through communication issues in order to complete tasks, and will be able to reflect on these activities during relaxation times throughout the day, and potentially, for years to come. Not only are these tasks designed for effective communication but their settings will encourage it also. By getting your staff out of the office and into more natural settings that take their mind off work tasks or other issues, you allow for the stressors of daily life to be forgotten and for focus and enjoyment to take hold.  

Teamwork and Team Relations

Many senarios require teams to work effectively together. Our teamwork based team builds design activities to your groups capabilities and needs, in order to develop and encourage the right skill set and group dynamics for your workplace. Activities designed to promote teamwork are based on systems of 'one for all and all for one', whereby activities depend on the group getting each other through, and are often impossible to complete singularly. We focus on team spirit, colleague encouragment, and always working towards the common goal.   Whilst these are some of the main themes that reoccur for businesses desiring team building activities, there are many other benefits of outdoor activities and team building activities as well. In the 'Australian Outdoor Adventure Activity Benefits Catalogue' by Canberra University (2008) it attributes many personal, psychological, sociological and physical benefits to general outdoor activities, let alone those that are designed specifically for the unity, cooperation, trust, socialising, leadership, respect and the many other benefits that they attribute to these general group outdoor adventure activities.   We know that each group is unique and has their own goals, existing dynamics and structures, and that's why alongside outdoor education expert Gary Richards and our expertise for people, groups and the outdoors, we will create the best and most effective teambuilding experience for your team to learn, develop, and enjoy!   Let us Tailor the following Teambuilding activities for you:  

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