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swimming Swimming in Australia is a fun past time and continually enjoyed by people of all ages, throughout the country. We have calm and beautiful waterways, lakes and rivers as well as great surfing beaches. We try to incorporate some relaxation and fun in all of our tours so swimming is an option in most of our half day tours. Let us take you to some amazing swimming spots where you can relax and have some fun in the water at our incredible locations.   UDU always caters to groups individually, so contact us and we will make sure your interests are incorporated into our tours, so keen surfers can get some amazing waves as part of their tour package, and serene lakes and canoeing for those wanting to experience our more relaxing water ways.  

给你介绍悉尼。我们带你去地道人觉得悉尼最优秀的地方。 TOUR IS GREAT FOR : 最适合的旅客:想让我们给你介绍澳洲悉尼最出名的地方,想参观代表悉尼的景色  ...


平常一决定游览悉尼的时候,游客肯定打算去蓝山。 所以你去的话,跟我们就不会错过。我们保证你们会玩得很开心! 我们带你去看最漂亮的景色,去比较小人知道的地方看更美丽的风景。 TOUR IS GREAT FOR: 最适合的旅客:要看蓝山最美好的风景,跟我们去你就不会错过。  ...


你肯定会遇到奇妙的事情。 我们会带领你用感觉器官去参观自然环境的特点,让你好像在另一个世界似的。 在这里,你会了解为什么澳大利亚的星家国家公园是那么独特。 奖励你自己,与我们带领到这个很值得去的机会。 TOUR IS GREAT FOR: 最适合的旅客: 想要最值得的一日游,想发现自然环境的秘密,要回味无穷的记忆  ...


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We invite you to Understand the real Down Under. UDU doesn't just take you to the best destinations; we believe it's the experience you have there that matters. Our tours are unique, but our guides make the difference. We specialise in private charter tours, by taking just your group we are able to tailor your tour. It's your holiday, so we want to ensure you have the best experience possible.

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